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17th-Jun-2008 11:55 pm - 005 » yugioh 5d's screencaps
Knux » Darth Maul
Most of you have probably already heard of Yugioh 5D's by now, so here's a short and simple analysis: children's card games on motorcycles. If that doesn't make you want to watch there is something horribly wrong with you.

I've decided to start capping the series for fun. I screencapped the first episode awhile ago for icon fodder and realized I should share it, and...well, one thing led to another. |D Anyways, enjoy! This entry will be updated whenever I get new download links up.

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LAST UPDATED: 6/21/08 (ep. 002)

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2nd-Jun-2008 08:32 pm - 004 » 46 icons
Knux » Darth Maul
Oh my god an update! D: I had icon block for awhile, but now that I have more time on my hands, I've been able to get the spark going again. Metalocalypse has taken over my life the past few months, so there's a lot of that this time around. GUESS WHO MY FAVORITE CHARACTER IS. YOU'LL NEVER GET IT.

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019 » metalocalypse
015 » sonic the hedgehog
006 » gurren lagann
004 » yugioh 5d's
002 » nabari no ou

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10th-Jul-2007 10:00 pm - 003 » 26 icons
Knux » Darth Maul
Lots of mixed fandoms in this one.

007 » gurren lagann
006 » darker than black
005 » kannazuki no miko
004 » code geass
002 » phoenix wright
002 » pokemon

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9th-Jun-2007 06:23 pm - 002 » 33 icons
Knux » Darth Maul
Heya, chromegadget here. This is my newest (and hopefully last) graphics journal. I'll be posting my icons/banners/colorbars/etc here from now on, so feel free to watch. ☆

023 » sonic the hedgehog
010 » lucky star

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